Friday, January 16 2015

8:00 PM-11:00 PM

Art Deco Weekend is an official venue for Swingsomnia and Vintage Swing Celebration attendees! Swing dance and music enthusiasts from across the country will come together to spotlight the Swing Era and accentuate community instead of the difference that set people apart. Sarah Jane and the Blue Notes and the Shiny Shoes Band will take the stage as nearly 200 dancers hit the floor for a fun night of music and dance! Join the fun and catch the awesome sight of an authentic vintage swing dance experience!
South Florida Lindy Collective is a non-profit organization that preserves swing dancing – providing a better quality of life by promoting social interaction, improving mental and physical health, and personifying the art, culture, and history of America’s past. Find out more atwww.lindycollective.com.


12th Street & Ocean Drive (on the sand), Miami Beach, FL, 33139

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