Space: An Out-of-Gravity Experience at Frost Science

Saturday, June 24 2017

9:00 AM-6:00 PM

Located in the Hsiao Family Special Exhibition Gallery, Space: An Out-of-Gravity Experience invites guests on a journey of space exploration with hands-on activities and multimedia components. Guests will get a glimpse of the challenges and triumphs of space exploration. Interactive exhibits invite engagement in the extraordinary conditions of space exploration and the science that makes it successful. What lies ahead for human space flight? And what does it mean for life on Earth?  Discover what is possible and what awaits in orbit and beyond.

Space: An Out-of-Gravity Experience is on display at Frost Science from Saturday, June 24 through Sunday, September 10. Admission is complimentary with museum tickets. More information is available at

Space: An Out-of-Gravity Experience was designed and developed by the Science Museum of Minnesota in partnership with the International Space Station Office of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, the California Science Center, and partner museums.

Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science

3280 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL, 33133

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