Migrating Inwards | The Gift of the Present Moment

Opening Reception: Wednesday, December 5 | 7pm-12am
Sponsored by Pardos Peruvian Cuisine | www.pardosusa.com
Featuring beats by DJ Mauricio Parra | MTV Latinoamerica and Tr3s
Project 924. 924 Lincoln Road, Second Floor. Miami Beach.

Migrating Inwards
Luis Garcia-Nerey | Wendy Wischer | Antonia Wright | David Zalben
December 5-26, 2012
“Migrating Inwards” unites the work of two ArtCenter alumni, Wendy Wischer and Antonia Wright, and two resident artists, Luis Garcia-Nerey and David Zalben. Wischer invokes the viewer to reflect on the sensation of flight as if looking out from above while simultaneously observing inwards. Zalben evokes innocence and freedom with his flock of birds leading the eye into the space. Garcia-Nerey invites viewers to construct themselves within his work while Wright explores different realities existing at the same time.

The Gift of the Present Moment
Lazaro Amaral | Chloe Firetto-Toomey
December 1, 2012 – January 27, 2013
The contemporary world bombards individuals with information. Born from a student/teacher relationship and turned into collaboration, “The Gift of the Present Moment,” uses text and visual representations to convey a poem as conceptual art. The Gift of the Present Moment mimics the madness of the world, creating a sort of ‘Turrets Art” that demands you to inhale, slow down, listen close and appreciate the art as though you were the eye within the storm. Sales from “The Gift of the Present Moment” will benefit ArtCenter’s Print Lab.

Art/Center South Florida

924 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL, 33139

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