Look Alive Fest

LOOK ALIVE FEST 2015 is proud to announce its fourth descent into the void that is Miami Art Week.



Silver Apples were founded in 1967 by songwriter and composer Simeon Coxe III and drummer Danny Taylor. The band fused synthesized sounds produced by a series of hand-built oscillators with psychedelic rock, creating a droning, pulsating yet rhythmic pop music that was considered unprecedented at the time. Silver Apples currently consists of principal songwriter and founding member Simeon Coxe III, whose primitive synthesizer—filtered through wah pedals and echo machines—helped define the band’s signature sound.


Wolf Eyes (Third Man Records, Sub Pop, American Tapes, De Stijl), comprised of Nate Young, John Olson, and Jim Baljo, are undeniably one of the most vital, important American noise bands around today. They have released countless CD-Rs, LPs, and tapes since 1996, including collaborations with Black Dice, Smegma, Stare Case, academic jazz musician Anthony Braxton, and Oren Ambarchi, among others.


As new performance enhancing hardware, nearly sentient devices, and cloud-borne apps breach our brainspaces each day, our conceptions of the human body and mind must undergo a process of continual reconfiguration. Alexandra Drewchin, who performs solo under the Eartheater moniker, seeks on a daily basis to upgrade her mental software. As the frontwoman of the ecstatic avant-psych ensemble Guardian Alien, Drewchin dives into extended improvisations in pursuit of the fearless release of emotions and sounds beyond the capacity of premeditation.


Ava Mendoza is an avant-garde guitarist. Equally steeped in the language of punk, metal, jazz, and experimental music, Mendoza’s sonic freakouts are causing a sensation in the DIY scenes of NYC. She has collaborated with Nels Kline (Wilco), Henry Kaiser, and Walter Weasel (The Flying Luttenbachers) among others.

Visuals by Tachyons+

Will run on time.
Will you be late?

09:30 Other Body (MIA)
10:00 Treasure Teeth (MIA)
10:30 Eartheater (NYC)
10:50 Greg Fox (NYC)
11:30 Silver Apples (NYC)
12:30 Snakehole (MIA)
01:00 Wolf Eyes (Detroit)
02:00 Rat Bastard x Ava Mendoza (Weird Forest, Tzadik) x Greg Fox (Liturgy)

$15 Advance
$18 Door
First 100 orders come with a limited edition Look Alive Fest hard enamel pin.

Churchills Pub

5501 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL, 33137

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