a solo exhibition by Belaxis Buil

Saturday, November 22 2014

7:00 PM-10:00 PM

and gallery presents…
Lifted, a solo exhibition by Belaxis Buil

a. To become elevated; soar:
b. An amount or a weight raised or capable of being raised at one time; a load.

Show starts November 22nd with an opening reception from 7-10pm. We hope you can join us!


From the artist:
In this body of work, I view space as a void wanting to be filled, but reflect our society’s compulsion to overdo it. Whether I, the “Overstuffed Girl”, fill space with food to the point of gluttony, fill my lungs with toxic, polluted air, use materialism to fill my ego, or friends to fill a void of emptiness. It all boils down to aloof mass consumption.

In “Adipose Tissue”, of the Overstuffed Girl series, this character, is so self absorbed in her desires, her wants, that she becomes into this gargantuan woman, detached to what is happening around her. There is no relationship or connection to anyone, but herself, similar to what we see in todays contemporary society, especially here in pop culture we see on T.V.

At some point the adipose tissue combusts revealing a vast emptiness, a skeleton of nothing. This colorful parade of an oasis could be assumed to be a celebratory explosion, a letting go of this grossly accumulated fat, which in the end is a disguise to cover the unhappiness within the self.

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