Grand Seiko Debuts “The Flow of Time” at Design Miami/

Elevating mechanical luxury to an art form, Grand Seiko presents its inaugural “Flow of Time” exhibition at Design Miami/ 2018.

The highly anticipated, experiential display will showcase an installation featuring Grand Seiko’s Spring Drive movement – the company’s unique and innovative mechanism characterized by high precision. As the embodiment of Japanese aesthetics and master artisanal techniques, Spring Drive is praised for its inimitable signature of the perfect glide motion second hand, reflecting the natural and continuous flow of time. Renowned Japanese artists TAKT PROJECT / and Shingo Abe have teamed up to express the essence of Grand Seiko through an immersive exhibit that invites guests to experience and explore luxury timepieces in a unprecedented way as this visual work showcases the contrast between the “ticking” and “flowing” of time.

DATES: December 4-9, 2018

VENUE: Design Miami/ 2018 Space X14

ADDRESS: Meridian Avenue & 19th Street; Miami Beach, FL

Design Art Miami

1809 Meridian Ave, Miami Beach

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