Esthetic Theory: guest exhibit at Girls’ Club Annex Space

May 27 - May 30 2015

1:00 PM-5:00 PM

Girls’ Club presents a Esthetic Theory, a guest exhibit curated by artist Rosemarie Romero, in the Girls’ Club Annex Space.

Esthetic Theory is a group exhibition that functions like a full service salon and spa. The exhibit consists of artists whose work explores the high impact, glossy and glittery materials, forms, and processes that evoke and celebrate feminine excess, pleasure, cosmetic artifice, bodywork, sexuality, and the performativity of gender.

‘Low’ culture aesthetic practices, ‘high art’ conventions, and spiritual signifiers are appropriated and manipulated to create hybrid works that blur the line between art commodity, fetish objects, craft, kitsch, fashion, entertainment and gendered extensions of the body.

The exhibit will be on view Wednesday May 27 to Friday May 29, 1-5pm and other times by appointment.

A Saturday reception will be held May 30 from 6-9pm featuring live performance and interactive elements. Appointments will be on a first come first serve basis and include custom nail Art by Glynnus Nail Pro and Porn Nail$.

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