Elements of life

July 9 - August 3 2015

12:00 PM-6:00 PM

Opening reception: July 9th – 2015, 5/9pm

Gallery Walk: July 11th – 2015, 5/9pm

Elements of Life refers to the multi-layered nature of world richin contrasts and fraught with paradoxes. The images in this exhibit result from a deep reading of visual landscapes, from the heightenedartists’ perceptions: from natural phenomena displaying repeating mathematical pattern, to the frozen image of a lost landscape; from a kaleidoscopic repetition of images taken from simple life-forms, to aview of the imperceptible nature that surround us. Each of these sixartists, with their acutely personal perceptions of the world, offers insights into our shared and private experiences, distinct and yet profoundly interconnected.

Lujan Candria – Mariano Costa Peuser – Ignacio Gurruchaga – Lili(ana) – Bryan Lahr – Leila Leder-Kremer

Lelia Mordoch Gallery, 2300 North Miami Avenue, Wynwood, FL 33127

Lelia Mordoch Gallery

2300 North Miami Avenue, Wynwood , FL, 33127

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