Conscious Creatives

Wednesday, June 27 2018

8:00 PM-4:00 AM

Calling Poets, Artists, Musicians, Spoken Word Performers, Drum Circles, Hula Hoopers to Vibrate Higher at Newest, Most Lit Open Mic / Poetry/ Jam in Miami

We at Conscious Creatives seek to perform, be inspired, and create art in non-toxic environments unlike the usual bars, which are fueled by alcohol consumption and other unhealthy behaviors. We are a community of like-minded individuals who want to vibrate higher in unison with Mother Earth while jamming and having fun.
Kava is a tea made from the root of the plant with relaxing and euphoriant properties. No Hangovers, No Cigarette Smoke in Your Face.

Miami Chronicles is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support the arts for cultural evolution in the community. Our conscious online magazine provides a platform for expression, inspiration, and news-sharing that is built on awareness, not exploitation.

We create spaces for creativity that honor all beings and Mother Nature, so conscious people from all walks of life may build a community that is committed to pushing Miami forward into the light of creativity and away from the darkness of self-destruction.

We document the cultural renaissance that is now happening in the midst of an impending environmental crisis. Conscious artists are leading the way in enlightening others towards living a more environmentally friendly, animal-friendly and health-conscious, sustainable future.

We are looking for vendors, organizations, and artists who would like to be featured and participate in an open performance market space. Only plant-based food and conscious participants, please. PM Monica Vega

Soflo Vegans Will Be There to Get Our Community Connected to Healthy, Plant-based Local Eateries and Events! Soflo Vegans

Alissa Christine Will Be Tabling with her Amazing Psychedelic Artwork and Handmade Crafts like Dreamcatchers

@vegannaki Will Have delicious Vegan Beet Cake (Kava and Beet Cake! Yum)

Vegan Fine Foods will Be Catering (Food for Sale) more detail to come! Vegan Fine Foods

Flyer by Nelida Insua Coelho

Miami, FL

City of Miami, Miami, FL

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