Close Encounters with Steven Spielberg

We’re celebrating Steven Spielberg, the king of the summer blockbusters, with the films you grew up with! Rediscover these unforgettable modern classics on the big screen at O Cinema Miami Beach from June 26th thru 30th.

In honor of the 40th Anniversary of Jaws, the film that invented the Summer Blockbuster and secured Spielberg’s place as one of the most important filmmakers of his generation, we’ve decided to revisit some of his greatest films in this mini-retrospective of his work. Whether you haven’t seen them since they were first released, never seen them on the big screen or want to introduce your family to this movie magic, this week promises to a memorable one. We’ll have costume contests, themed decorations, trivia, and some fun surprises.

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Fri, Jun 26th @ 8pm
Sat, Jun 27th @ 5:30pm
Sat, Jun 27th @ 10:30pm

Jurassic Park
Fri, Jun 26th @ 10:30pm
Sat, Jun 27th @ 8pm
Sun, Jun 28th @ 3:30pm

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
Sat, Jun 27th @ 1pm
Sun, Jun 28th @ 6pm

Raiders of the Lost Ark
Sat, Jun 27th @ 3:15pm
Sun, Jun 28th @ 8:15

Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Mon, Jun 29th @ 8pm

Schindler’s List
Tue, Jun 30th @ 7pm

O Cinema Miami Beach

500 71st St, Miami Beach, FL

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