The Boiling Point:What Are WeDoing Here?

As it stands, Miami has the single greatest disparity between average income and the average cost of living…in the whole fucking country. But hey, we have amazing beaches and a few cool clubs, right? Am I going to die here? Or am I literally weeks away from getting the fuck out and never coming back?


Dopedoll Chronicles:Modlips Revival

Kaleidoscope paisleys, embroidered kaftans, floral-laced prairie dresses and velvet bell bottoms, all common 1960’s and 1970’s wardrobe essentials, these are just some of the unique treasures you will find in shop at Modlips Revival.

This is not your typical Miami fashion, hailing from South Africa the sister duo behind Modlip’s is bringing their creative prismatic vision of vintage wears and taking us on a journey into the eccentric eras past.