Meet Santi AcostaEditor-In-Chief


It happens to the best of us, so I’m sure ya’ll can relate: After too many uninspired months of creative block and broken dreams, I’m back in the hustle and I feel alive again.


A friend unknowingly rescued by connecting me to the Industrial Arts and Method Foundation led by two creative geniuses whom I’m now helping establish the Miami College of Design – Industrial Arts & Method in Wynwood.  Beyond giving life a new found purpose, my new position as Director of Logistics has opened my mind and I’ve started letting mother nature be my guide and my muse in my paths of self-discovery, improvement, and creation.


When I was younger, Wynwood was desolate, uninviting, and I f*cking loved it. The art / the moments / the people …. I was inspired and felt a deep connection which with the of emergence each new fair dwindled. I lived a few too many BroBasel’s (Also, see: Art Basel is Over, Exit through the Gift Shop and Dali Goes Bro) and I was over it. The magic was gone. 

This year, as I immersed myself in everything MCOD my feelings of neglect and disappointed have faded and I found myself once again re-engaged in the community as we announced the college and presented Masters of Design during art week as part of the inaugural Masters of Tomorrow Summit at my new home The LAB Miami.


Working out of The LAB, with such a badass team, surrounded by incredibly talented individuals has reignited cultural spark and if you’ve been following us for the last five years you’ve probably noticed that Tropicult has been pretty quiet for the last year.  At first, it was a lack of motivation but then it all became about opening Florida’s first industrial design college which takes up all of my time (not that I’m complaining, I couldn’t be happier). Uninspired, unwilling, and unable to keep up with the Miami grind I hit a wall and accepted the death of Tropicult almost at the same time as we won  ‘Best Blog’ in 2015.  


In steps Santiago Acosta, who I’m thrilled to announce, is taking over as Tropicult’s Editor-In-Chief.  As digital culture engineers, we know how quickly things go from trending to irrelevant. As cool curators, we know that a fresh set of eyes can change everything.  Santi knows that and then some and I’m so happy to have finally found someone to whom I can finally pass the torch. I’m also happy to welcome David Martin who will be giving our website a digital facelift.  Expect the unexpected people. And get excited, I sure as hell am. I’ll keep in touch and pop in more often but now as your arts and culture correspondent. No worries, you’re in good hands.


Greetings Tropicult 

For a while now I’ve been deciding whether to go by Santi or Santiago #growinguphispanic. We are gonna go with Santi officially from now and forever on. 

 Welcome to the neighborhood.scope-gilt

After escaping from the suburbia of west hialeah and moving to the beautiful, busy and always fun Biscayne area I discovered my calling; entrepreneurship. I apprenticed at miami’s best specialty print shop CreativeCreative. Managing a production line was one hell of task, but I gave it up to cultivate community at The LAB Miami in 2016. Today I’m lead visual designer for WashMyWhip, and Travel Contact. Still working out of the LAB, our temporary tropiHQ

 Fresh banana. 

Santi to the rescue, coming in to revamp Tropicult. According to Walter Mercado 2017 is a year of change. Expect it, but don’t burn your refresh button. Any new changes coming will be announced directly from the #tropifam

 Let’s cut the bullshit. 

Miami – not home for every other transient on our busy streets, but it’s home to me.  I want to give Miami back to the people that make it a Magic City. That’s my #tropimission If you haven’t lost your sense of adventure; Santi hasn’t either, so inbox it up: [email protected] 🍌 🍌 🍌. Next, check out our Miami Art Week 2016 recap …

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