DademonicTales from the 305

Remember the days when Fridays were spent clenched to a blanket and flashlight, terrified by Are You Afraid Of The Dark? All that nostalgic anxiety is back with Tropicult’s Dademonic; the monthly series that features local writers who captivate with witchy tales of the macabre. Start your Fridays off with a short burst of fear and adrenaline to get you through your workday. Dademonic’s first tale The Good News was conceived by Antonio Oliva, who delivers one twisted plot of revenge. Join us this Friday, August 25th at for your first dose of carnage!

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Attention writers,Tropicult will be accepting short story and poetry submissions on a rolling basis to [email protected]. Stories should represent the horror and Sci-Fi genres and not to exceed 10 pages. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your writing on the New Times’ 2015 Best Blog to thousands of subscribers and viewers. We look forward to your participation, let’s get witchy!

Submission Disclaimer 

Tropicult or will not feature every submission received. Tropicult reserves the rights to edit, alter, exhibit or publish your submissions for any lawful purpose in the scope of our project “Dademonic” There is no monetary compensation or royalties arising from or relating to the use of your submission.