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For those who may not know,  Miami is not just a great place to vacation but it is the perfect place to find original and thoughtful gifts. A city full of artists and artisans is a city full of unique and handmade treasures.

Whether you need to find a gift for a friend, a family member a co-worker, or even yourself, I have put together a list of 5 fun and mindful gift ideas, which not only spread good energy but support Miami’s local business community. Now more than ever is the time to support our local businesses, whether you are shopping online or stopping by the store, you can spend where it makes a difference.

Solar Quartz Druzy Adjustable Chain Bracelet

Solar Quartz Druzy Adjustable Chain Bracelet
Solar Quartz Druzy Adjustable Chain Bracelet

Uplift someones (or your own) spirit with this trendy bracelet that features a gorgeous solar quartz druzy stone. This bracelet is great for any wrist size, as it’s set on a gold plated adjustable pull chain that allows you to easily adjust the tightness. Spread good energy with this eye-catching solar quartz druzy gemstone, recognized for its healing and energy-enhancing properties. You can get this unique bracelet for $24 from Trinkets for D, a local shop and online store inspired by all things tribal and bohemian. From stunning tribal hoop earrings, crystal bracelets to Bohemian Mosaic Clutch Handbags, colorful kimonos, home accessories, and much more. Unique and affordable, if you are feeling adventurous and free-spirited Trinkets for D will be your heaven. On top of that Trinkets for D works hard to educate and support autism awareness.

I am Abundance: an Intentional Candle to call in love

Star Magic intentional candles by Ashli
I am Abundance: an Intentional Candle to call in abundance

Light up someone life’s and spread good energy with this gorgeous intentional candle infused with charged crystals, organic herbs, organic essential oils, love, and intention. With its uplifting citrus scent, the ‘I am Abundance’ intentional candle is meant to permanently remove obstacles from the path of your desires and open the road to an abundance of opportunity, success, love, health, fortune, and happiness. Not only will it promote relaxation, but if you want to encourage mindfulness and have positive impact on someone’s life, then this beautiful soy wax candle is the perfect mindful gift. The ‘I am Abundance’ candle is infused with the Citrine crystal, often called the “The Success Stone” or “The Merchant Stone,” as it’s known to be one of the most powerful stones for boosting the manifestation of wealth, success and prosperity.  Each candle even comes with a complimentary tarot reading as well as an intention/prayer in the packaging to encourage you to set your own intention to help manifest what you’re calling in.

You can get this ‘I Am Abundance’ intentional candle for $77 from Star Magic by Ashli, an intentional candle line currently available on Etsy. ‘Star Magic by Ashli’ is founded by intuitive tarot reader Ashli Haynes, who infuses each candle with intention, intentional oil, herbs, and cleansed and charged crystals. Whether it be love or tranquility or a personal intention customized for your needs, you can find a variety of glamorous intentional candles with different crystals and scents at ‘Star Magic by Ashli.’

Sprout growing kits- Organic Alfalfa & Organic Broccoli

Sprout growing kits
Sprout growing kits- Organic Alfalfa & Organic Broccoli plus 2 sprouting lids

Taking care of your health and having a strong immune system seems to be on everyone’s mind more than ever before. Although small, sprouts are regarded as nutritional powerhouses and are an excellent source of numerous minerals, vitamins, fiber, protein as well as a great source of antioxidants and other beneficial plant compounds. Whether you want to start eating healthier or encourage a loved one to do so, this organic alfalfa and organic broccoli sprout growing starter kit is the perfect gift to easily and inexpensively incorporate tasty superfoods into your daily routine. Each kit comes with one bag of organic broccoli seeds, one bag of organic alfalfa seeds and, 2 straining lids. Don’t worry these veggies are so easy to grow anyone can do it, which is why they make for the perfect fun and sustainable family activity! In a matter of 3-5 days, you can grow your own tasty sprouts, all you need is a wide mouth mason jar and clean water. You can get this organic alfalfa and organic broccoli sprout growing kit for $32.50 from Fullei Fresh.  Fullei Fresh is an urban hydroponic farm specializing in growing a wide variety of top-quality sprouts and shoots since 1978. You can find other varieties of sprout growing kits, sprouting seeds, sprouting tools as well as detailed growing instructions at Get free shipping on seed orders over $25 with promo code GrowFree.

Zenlife Moonflower Yoga Mat

Zenlife Moonflower Yoga Mat
Zenlife Moonflower Yoga Mat

Get ready to embrace calmness and relaxation with this beautiful and vibrant Zenlife moonflower yoga mat. With its extra cushion, stability, and responsive grip to reduce injuries, this gorgeous health-centered gift is ideal for any type of sweaty practice such as Hot Yoga, Pilates, HIIT and Boxing. This non-slip yoga mat has a luxurious and absorbent microfiber top layer bonded to a natural tree rubber base that gives you the sweaty grip of a towel and the cushion of a yoga mat. Not only is this fashionable yoga mat machine washable, but it’s eco-friendly made with recyclable 100% natural Tree Rubber and water-based inks. Unlike most yoga mats, this one is free from toxic smell as well as silicone, toxic glue, and phthalates. The size of the mat is 72 in x 26 in and it includes a strap. You can get this trendy Zenlife moonflower yoga mat for $78 from the Wynwood Tribe store. Wynwood Tribe store is a sustainable and conscious fashion marketplace where you find brands from all around the world. They also offer jewelry, food, and clothing and accessories for men, women, and pets.   Each brand has its own story behind it, be it handmade, fair trade, recycled, supported charities, women’s empowerment, eco-friendly, and many others.

Motivational Shit Adult Coloring Book-Physical Copy + Bonus Digital Download

Coloring Book- Felecia Hatcher
Motivational Shit Adult Coloring Book by Felecia Hatcher

Color these pages for a moment of calm, and a respite from Adulting especially during these crazy times we are all living in! This fun motivational coloring book even comes with a bonus digital download copy. What better way to not think about anything than to pour yourself the most obnoxious glass of wine, pull out your coloring pencils, and fill these beautifully crafted pages with colorful strokes! You can get this motivational coloring book plus a bonus digital download copy for $19 from Felecia Hatcher. Felecia helps people and companies amplify their money, message, and impact, by helping them step into their zone of genius and confidently get in front of people that can say yes, to their product, service, and ideas. At you can also find creatives guides and courses to help you get focused and expand your presence within the innovative economy.

Special thank you to the Mindful Connections family for supporting the creation of this gift guide.