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Wine lovers rejoice! Great Wines of the Andes brought to us by internationally acclaimed wine critic and journalist James Suckling is back. Hopefully you have your tickets because the event, happening this Friday October 4th at the Moore Building in the Miami Design District, is sold out.

The lucky ones that snagged tickets will indulge in over 160 wines from Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. Live music from award-winning recording artist Surahn Sidhu will set the mood for a lovely evening. I chatted with South Florida wine and food connoisseur Brenda Popritkin, founder of thewhetpalette to get prepared for the evening.

The Whet Palette features interviews with sommeliers, restaurant reviews, and photos from Popritkins travels. Although she is fluent in Spanish and English, the Cuban- American writer entertains primarily english readers with her tails of the South Florida scene and beyond.

Her other side project, the Disorderly Blondes Autism Podcast, tackles motherhood and autism from a unique South Florida perspective, Spanglish and all. She also has an extensive background in interior design, and dance. Read my interview with her below.

“It’s been quite a colorful journey, to say the least! Life, as I know it, is my palette.” – Brenda Popritkin

What should one look for in an excellent wine?

It’s important to note that wine translates differently for everyone, and there isn’t a wrong answer. What I enjoy now is not something I could have appreciated or even craved ten years ago. For me, it’s all about balance. I love a wine that is either subtly fragrant out of the bottle or that develops throughout the night. One that captures me at first contact without overpowering any of the senses. If it brings a bit of unexpected spice at the end, then I’m sold.

What is your favorite wine red, white, rose, sparkling?

I lean towards Napa cabs and Bordeaux sips. Currently, I’m drinking my way through Blankiet’s offerings, my last bottles of the discontinued Charnu, and enjoying Diamond Creek’s Gravelly Meadow. When I need a French fix, I lean to Chateau D’ Issan, Chateau Kirwan, Chateau Palmer/Alter Ego if I can get my hands on them.

What is the most expensive bottle of wine you’ve ever had? Name, cost, brief summary of taste.

A couple of years ago I tasted a 2009 Screaming Eagle ($1900) side by side with Second Flight ($500 +/-). I hate to say that although I did enjoy it, I don’t think it warrants the price. There’s something to be said about cult status versus blind tasting (something I do at home often-cover up labels). It’s truly a delightful wine, balanced as I prefer, with added smoke and spice. Perhaps that night, Second Flight’s significantly more aromatic sibling paired better with our food. I might have to recreate this night just to be sure. Hmmm…

Let me know if you do! I want in! What are your wine tasting do’s and don’ts? 

Do: Hold the glass by the stem. This prevents heat from transferring from your fingertips to the wine. I’m OCD about this. It doesn’t feel right otherwise.

Do: Pause before taking a sip, it’s not a tequila shot. Note the details in color, texture, and smell. Make the first sip small: wine foreplay! Ha!

Do: Chill red wine. Reminder to South Floridians that our “room temperature” is not normal! Temperature greatly affects taste. I prefer to keep mine at around 57 degrees.

Do: Taste often and change it up!

Don’t: Don’t overfill a glass with a ridiculous hefty pour.

Don’t: Don’t take wine gulps and immediately (aggressively) place glass down for more.

Interested in continuing to “whet your palette?”

Visit the and follow Brenda @thewhetpalette on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Friday, October 4 2019

The greatly anticipated Great Wines of the Andes 2019 USA tasting tour organized by is coming back in fall with master tastings held in San Francisco (Sunday, September 29), Chicago (Tuesday, October 1), New York (Thursday, October 3) and Miami (Friday, October 4). - - - - -

October 4, 2019 - The Moore Building
Grand Tasting: 5 pm to 8 pm

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