Sara BrittoBrings Bliss to Miami

Interview with Sara Britto Founder of Rolling Bliss Fest

“You can create anything you envision.” -Sara Britto

Photo by Chris Diamond Photography

Sara Britto was raised in the suburbs of Miami Florida. An only child she had dreams of becoming a journalist so that she could one day discover the world. She never considered herself an artist, but in 2016 she founded Rolling Bliss Fest and realized that anyone has the capability of being an artist, meaning you can create anything you envision.

Rolling Bliss first began as a platform to help promote and expose artists in the local scene. Now it is the mothership of the curated events produced by her and her partner Isabella Alzate.

“Respect yourself so you respect others.”

Cory Hill performs at Miami Bliss Fest 2017 Photo by Federico Acevedo

The event was originally named Miami Blissfest. Britto planned to throw a festival with all Miami acts and talent. During the planning the concept changed to not only be an event company but a philosophy and mindset that can be implemented anywhere.  Being part of “Rolling Bliss” means you enter a mind set where you will not judge anyone for any form of self expression including yourself and others. “You respect yourself so you respect others. You love purely and you consciously choose to connect with your peers in non superficial matters.”

“1306 has been an amazing door for us.”

Venue Support

Some categories that fall under the Rolling Bliss brand include open mics, jam sessions, live band performances, vendor tables, live painting, and food. They look for versatility, a team effort, professionalism, and connectivity with the audience in creatives who participate in the weekly events held at 1306 here in Miami.  “1306 has been an amazing door for us.” Britto said. They’ve grown from hosting events twice a year to now every week thanks to the venues support. It’s mind blowing. “I never thought this would happen.” Every Wednesday brings something new. Sometimes it will be totally unplugged, or a showcase where a local or international band performs.

Genesis Goncalves painting live at Rolling Bliss. Photo by Federico Acevedo


“In Miami everyone has spark.”

Collaboration Breeds Innovation

When talking about the Miami scene it’s as if Britto is describing a painting that can be sold and moved from place to place. “Miami seems to be the place where artists are born but not meant to last forever.” Aware that the city flourishes with money in the popular electronic, new aged music and hip hop genres. But she feels the indie, experimental, jazz, and rock scene has a huge opportunity to grow if people work together. “This is my favorite thing to do! Collaborate! In Miami everyone has spark. A beautiful canvas is laid out for us to create anywhere we go. I keep telling people that working together is truly the only way we can all grow. “There’s so much talent in all genres and styles.”


Just Getting Started

Britto is balancing her weekly events schedule with finishing school and taking Rolling Bliss to the next level. In her spare time she also interviews artists on video for Current.Miami in a series called Soundwaves. Britto told me that new artists usually have goals to leave Miami, and that she thinks it’s the best idea. As Rolling Bliss evolves she has goals to have a band like Magic City Hippies on the lineup, and within the next few years  bring bliss to cities beyond Miami.

Check out Rolling Bliss Fest every Wednesday at 1306, and stay connected with them on Instagram.


If you’d like to perform or showcase your work at an upcoming Rolling Bliss Fest use the links here to apply. Make sure to tell them Tropicult sent you. Besos! 💋


Wednesday, July 17 2019

This upcoming Wednesday we are doing something a bit different. Usually our night consists of our dj and live music creating a living energy. This time @rollingblissfest presents A Night of Rhythm & Romance Hosted by @poorboykrill at @1306miami. A night of blues partner dancing… We encourage to bring a friend, a lover or both to enjoy some blues music by Poorboy Krill & The Bottom Dwellers Dance lessons by @poorboykrillomb & @later.dee We will be teaching the slowdrag texastwostep & intro to lindyhop! Dancing is easy and fun and we will show you a few of the basic steps and tricks and you’ll be on your way. “ Don’t be shy!! If you just wanna dance and you can’t get your lazy friends to join you then just come and find a partner” – PoorBoy Krill

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