Horror atGramps

Seven O’clock says the clock, I clock out. I walk out to my car to grab my ten gallon and my duster, yeehaw. The parking authority bastard is still making rounds already ticketed me earlier in the day, I make sure to pay the toll as he walks past me.

The lady behind me didn’t get so lucky. I had strategically traded shifts with my coworker to be able to work Halloween so I wouldn’t make an unnecessary trip to Wynwood since I would be shooting the block party nearby, my employer had canceled my gig just hours before hand. Job or no job I had a strict schedule of drinking: check into the block party, receive free drink, leave the losers and hit gramps for another free drink and spend most of what I make there.

I check in, go to the 104.3 The Shark tent to spin the wheel of luck for a free shirt or something, Deena did not work for me. I walk over to the nearest bar, and ask what beer they serve. “we’ve only got Red stripe tonight” says the lady with bloody horns. I check my drink ticket and as I was about to ask how far the ticket would take me it stated ‘One Free Beer’ on the other side of the blank paper. Red Stripe it is then.

-serious gazing-


I leave the mess of loud families bad DJ’s and cops that littered the block party and head over to the then quiet Gramps. The bar is near empty as I inquire about the free drink and they look at me like I’m crazy, they eventually figure out that the drink deal goes on in the back where the band plays. A few cocktails and beers later things start to take motion, droves of costumed people such as a hazmat zika person, Twins from the matrix, various onesies, just dudes and dudettes looking freaky.

Face painting was being done by @flesh_maker, turning people into witches and pale ghouls. I check inside Shirley’s to see whats going on, people setting up the music, a nail stand set aside in the end of the room. I stop on by to check out the set up. Rosemarie Romero from @Porn_Nails invites me to seat with her and chat as I get my nails done.

“I started doing this in 2012 as a performance piece for school” says Rosemarie. ((more here please) “ I really love the intimate moment when I’m in contact with a person one on one. Its truly rewarding to be able to talk to people on a personal level when I do my work.”

She mentioned I have nice hands, finally someone other than my madrina thinks so.

*In case you missed it, she was at iii points in a white van surrounded by small TV’s displaying various porn ranging from celebrity tapes to your favorite stars, Disney movies included! *

Rosemarie & Nick


Shortly after having my nails done, Music starts within Shirley’s Sounds provided by Ironing. A truly sensational performance where they have a setup of turn tables and tape players on top of his ironing boards. The set consisted of the dude slamming vinyl onto the turntable, stacking them on top of each other, distorting and playing back the tracks in a psychotic manner as he threw tapes on top of the records.

This is truly a nightmare for the snobby audiophile as seeing these discs being scratched, thrown and tortured would make their stomach turn. Such a performance of disturbing content fits the mood of Halloween perfectly.

Ironing, ironing.


Its 11:06 and the bar is full of costumed addicts begging for drinks as I wait my turn for another brew… After much failure I give up trying to convince my friend to go dance with some lady he keeps moping about across the yard and head into the back room.

Pariah, the jumpsuit clad sonic outfit comes on stage, playing music coming from another dimension, sucking me out of reality and consciousness as with stellar sounds coming out of that synth and ethereal vocals transcending through my mind. I wake up  the next morning in a daze feeling like I had been probed but I know it was well worth it.