Art Week 2012 [Review]

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style="text-align: justify;">Now that we’ve caught our breath,
we put together a Miami Art Week 2012 Retrospective – a
series of photos and galleries that capture some of our favorite
events and artworks. 

style="text-align: justify;">This collection of photographs only
captures a small fragment of what went down in Miami the first week
of December. But hey, they say a picture is worth a thousand
words, so here’s a short

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First, we payed a visit to our favorite local
collector, Gregg Shienbaum.  target="_blank">Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art featured
works of art in various media with a special emphasis on
contemporary prints and multiples including artworks by Andy
Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Tom Wesselmann, Robert Rauschenberg,
Jasper Johns, Chuck Close, Jim Dine, Robert Indiana, and other
contemporary masters.


target="_blank">Ahol Sniffs Glue exhibited along with
the contemporary masters at  target="_blank">Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art. Trying to
score an Ahol novelty item with his claw machine proved to be more
difficult than expected. Nonetheless, Ahol’s ‘Snipers’ exhibit was
incredibly well put together and thought-out to the last detail,
and of course, nothing short of fun!

target="_blank">SNIPERS: The World Through Ahol’s


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style="text-align: justify;">MISSION MIAMI /
 Last August (2012), href=""
target="_blank">Invader launched the mosaic
 ‘Space One’ for PULSE Projects. He
designed a special weather balloon 
style="text-align: justify;">equipped with a camera which
returned with a series of photographic images showing the mosaic’s
perspective distance from space. 

style="text-align: justify;">I have to say the highlight of my week was visiting
the Invader booth at PULSE and grabbing the fifth guide of invasion
–  href=""
target="_blank">Mission Miami / Art4
Space featuring the two waves of invasion of Miami in 2010 and

target="_blank">PULSE PROJECTS 2012


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Here’s a quick snap of VH1’s ‘ href=""
target="_blank">You Outta Know‘ Artist – Metric – live
in concert at href=""
target="_blank">SCOPE Miami.

style="text-align: justify;">What a show! Nothing like an
intimate concert with bottomless vodka! Wanna see
some more? 
Click href=""

Absolute Lunch

Contributed by href=""
style="text-align: justify;">Friday, December 7th href="" target="_blank">Spank
started early with the href=""
target="_blank">Absolut Lunch Break at the
Fontainebleau with target="_blank">Michna (Ghostly International) on the
decks, this was definitely the best lunch party around, with a
wonderful sun, all the vodka you can handle and Michna providing
the soundtrack, made it feel like Summer even though the calendar
reads December.

Later in the day, at the newly opened href=""
target="_blank">Gramps, they hosted Spin’s NQB8R
event. It was billed as an all-day festival with great acts from
Miami and abroad. We caught up with Bondax, a British production
and DJ duo and local R&B artist, Stephen A.
Clark. Over at the Mondrian hotel, MOCA and Younghearts
presented Nicolas Jaar preforming an exclusive live set. This show
was highly anticipated by many, and he didn’t disappoint, even if
the MBPD cut his set short exactly at midnight.

Saturday, December 8th began at Gramps for Spank, once
again with an alligator wrestling show. Their all-day event ran
late. Over in the Midtown area, Mamey Disco and Rafi V were
spinning vinyl at the Sushi Samba pop-up. The Windish Agency
showcase at Grand Central was excellent. Even though Zola Jesus and
Flying Lotus dropped out in the weeks before, Dan Deacon and the
others billed put on an incredible show.


Contributed by href="" target="_blank">Rod

style="text-align: justify;">Hip-hop legend,  href=""
target="_blank">Rakim also performed live at
target="_blank">The Stage. Rod was on-site and
captured some of the action for ya:


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style="color: #888888;">Contributed by
Vanessa Haim

style="text-align: justify;">For a second year in a row I’ve had
the pleasure of attending the Art Miami fair in Midtown. Showcasing
works from Picasso to Banksy, Lichtenstein to Botero, Art Miami is
Midtown’s biggest and best Art Basel fair this side of the
beach.  Here’s a look through my Miami eye on a few of the
crowd favorites and mine…

target="_blank">The Foot Project, giant baby
sculptures created by target="_blank">Idan Zareski, were placed out
front of target="_blank">Art Miami in Midtown
and another at target="_blank">Miami Beach Botanical

See href="" target="_blank">Introducing
Bigfoot & His Creator Idan Zareski

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These over sized notebooks (left/right) gathered quite
a crowd.

notebook paper works were literally the size of a wall and were
very politically driven with comedic undertones.

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src="" width="115"
height="148" />

In the
gallery below are works by href=""
target="_blank">David Datuna, an American artist
based in Georgian known for this collection ‘Viewpoint of Millions’
and  target="_blank">Robin Rhode, a South African artist
based in Berlin.

Rhode’s work reflects more of a street
culture. For his canvas he works in public spaces like walls
or basketball courts.

Also,  target="_blank">Emilio Garcia, returned to Art Miami
with his skull brain and frogs. These were really cool!

target="_blank">Tom Wesselmann, is probably one of my
favorite artist!

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To the left is a piece from his steel drawing edition
titled ‘Monica, Sitting With Legs Spread’ and below is another
from this series.

Domed work below is by Indian based artist Thukral
& Tagra, titled Dominus Aeris-circa (ii).

Another Indian
href="" target="_blank">Hadieh
, returned
to Art Miami for her second year.
style="text-align: justify;">She constructs her work
entirely of thin individual strips of paper that are hand painted
and rolled to created these trippy circular works.

style="text-align: justify;">Her pieces are stunning!

target="_blank">Jean Francois Fourtou, a French
artist, focuses on photography as well as sculptures (below). As a
duck entusiast I loved these!

Plus,  target="_blank">Edward Lipski, made ‘Bird’ out of
fiber glass, actual dyed feathers and of course, good ol’

class=" wp-image-20903 " title="83" alt=""
width="212" height="320" /> Renew Your Reef, href="" target="_blank">Lynn
Aldrich, 2012
style="text-align: justify;"> href="" target="_blank">Lynn
 Renew Your Reef
(right) is made of brushes, sponges, scubbers,
scourring pads, mop heads, plunger, gloves & wood. In her
words she uses “usually those common to a suburban-based,
consumer society”
products in her work.

style="text-align: justify;">In the gallery below, you’ll
find  target="_blank">Federico Uribe, a native to my country
Colombia, he was born in Bogota and based in Miami. His work was
all over Art Miami (also see the giant pink pencil sculptor

This was a
really cool booth where opposed to the white walls of most, he
created a forest scene entirely made of bullet shell animals. From
the small scorpion you see here to a giant tiger, bear and

Also featured
below are  target="_blank">Claudio Dicochea, a painter from San
Luis Río Colorado and part of  href="" target="_blank">Jessica
Joslin‘s gilded beasts  collection.

style="text-align: justify;">Dicochea was raised on the
Mexican– United States border in southern Arizona, which is
obvious in his artwork (below).

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style="text-align: justify;">Last but not least we have works
by  target="_blank">Patricia Piccinini, an Australian
artist and hyperrealist sculptor, an unknown artist of a girl in a
yellow retro 50s dress with a chainsaw (which pretty much
describes how I feel everyday) and  href="" target="_blank">Rod
Deal, who was all over the place during Art Week
with artworks exhibited at  href="" target="_blank">The Armory
Studios,  target="_blank">Miami Independent Thinkers Fair, and
as the ‘Artist of the Month.’

justify;">See href=""
target="_blank">Rod Deal: Latest &

style="text-align: left;"> Miami Project style="text-align: justify;">2012 marked the inaugural year of
the  target="_blank">Miami Project art
fair. Photos Courtesy of  href="" target="_blank">World Red

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Gallery" alt=""
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That’s All Folks -

style="text-align: center;">We will now resume our
regular art, music & film features…visit us again