Brian Butler’s Raw Power

Brian Butler is without a doubt one of our favorite local artists.

That being said, when he invited us to check out the mural the he was working on for Miami Art Week, we immediately put on our adventuring shoes and headed over to the Design District.

Roof Top & Street Views: Butler at Work

We climbed up to the roof of Shulman + Associates, snapped some pics of him and his pal Mike at work, and caught up with the artitist who kindly invited us (and all of you) to the unveiling of his premiere outdoor mural, Raw Power,  on Thursday, December 6th.

Below are some snapshots of the mural and boys in action:

Final Cut: Mural Time Lapse

Although we had a great time hanging with Brian, we also had to go check out what some of our other friends were working on for Basel. Since we couldn’t stick around to see how it turned out, Brian Butler was nice enough to send over some more photos of the progress he made on the “doodles on a building” for us to share with you:

Raw Power: Mural Unveiling Party

If you’re an art lover like me, you will most likely be in or around the Design District on Thursday kicking-off the weekend early in celebration of Art Week. Be sure to pop in Shulman + Associates for the unveiling of Raw Power and see for yourself how nice it turned out.

The party starts at 7pm and ends way before your bedtime so hit the spot up decently early so you don’t miss the fun. Catch ya on the flip side!